The miniature train of the amusement park has gone haywire!

Try to hit as few people as possible, especially Santa.
Otherwise, the amusement park bosses will shut you down!

Your reputation is displayed on the bottom; over time, your reputation will increase. Hitting people, however, will reduce your reputation based on whom you hit:

  • Villains give -2 points
  • Ordinary people give -10 points
  • Babies give -20 points
  • Santa gives -1000 points

When your reputation hits zero, you lose!


  • Tap on junctions to switch direction,
  • tap quickly on the train to slow it down.


@Wyddel and @Ohwywohl

(No babies were harmed during the creation of this game!)

Update 17.10.2018:

Added a mobile version and did minor changes to balancing


Original browser version 9 MB
trolleypark.apk 24 MB

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